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DEPARTMENT OF Community Medicine

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Dr. Muhammad Tauseef javed



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DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY MEDICINE Gujranwala Medical College, Gujranwala Community Medicine is the study of Health and Diseases in the population of defined community in order to identify their health needs and to plan, implement and evaluate health programs to effectively meet the needs. The ultimate aim is at protection and promotion of public health. The studies included under the umbrella of Community Medicine include concepts of health economics, human behavior, socio anthropology, social determinants of health and diseases, epidemiology, demography and biostatistics. The overall objective of MBBS curriculum is to develop community based field programs to address problems through primary health care and disease control methods. Special emphasis is given to the planning and management of primary health care systems and involvement of students in filed work so that they became familiar with socio economics and health conditions of the full standard urban and rural areas of Gujranwala. The students are also encouraged to participate in the preventive&curative care and management of patients and their families in health care centers. Students are involved in research oriented projects to evaluate the effectiveness of the health care system. LIBRARY The college has a rich and diverse collection of books encompassing different important topics, ranging from simple ones to highly specialized topics of Community Medicine including current health issues and population policies. It also consists of materials published by different national and international health organizations such as NIH, population council UNICEF and WHO. This collection is available to faculty members of the department and also to the students of this college. The department also has a library equipped with books &other printed material. With the passage of time more and more books / journals will be added to augment its resource capacity.


Department houses a very impressive and substantially equipped museum. It is studded with high class specimens and artistic charts / diagrams. It has been furnished in most befitting manner enabling it to hold demonstrations and workshops also. The real samplesand impressive models are in the pipeline and soon will be displayed in the museum.


Department is also equipped with the latest / modern electronic teaching aids and gadgets such as computers, a printers, photocopier etc. to facilitate smooth and effective teaching of the students and working of the department.It is also strengthened with the audio visual aids.


List of Faculty Members
Name Designation Qualification
Dr.Kauser Ashraf Khan Assistant Professor
Dr. Adeeba Munir Maan Demonstrator
Dr. Maryam Ahmad Demonstrator
Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Hassan Demonstrator
Dr. Sadia Yaseen Demonstrator
Tanveer Iqbal Stenographer / Computer Operator
Junaid Nazeer Junior Clerk
Zulfiqar Ali Junior Clerk B.A
Saima Arif Female Medical Social Worker
Fahim Riasat Store Keeper
Muhamamd Zahid Chowkidar / Security Guard
Shahid Imran Servant
Dr.. Muhammad Imran Butt Senior Demosntrator Male
Dr. Muhammad Tauseef Javed Associate Professor
Dr. Muhammad Tauseef Javed Associate Professor MBBS, FCPS
Dr. Muhammad Tauseef javed Associate Professor MBBS


Community Medicine

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