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Pathology is a significant component of the causal study of disease and a major field in modern medicine and diagnosis. The term pathology itself may be used broadly to refer to the study of disease in general, incorporating a wide range of bioscience research fields and medical practices (including plant pathology and veterinary pathology), or more narrowly to describe work within the contemporary medical field of "general pathology," which includes a number of distinct but inter-related medical specialties which diagnose disease mostly through the analysis of tissue, cell, and body fluid samples. Used as a count noun, "a pathology" (plural, "pathologies") can also refer to the predicted or actual progression of particular diseases (as in the statement "the many different forms of cancer have diverse pathologies"), and the affix path is sometimes used to indicate a state of disease in cases of both physical ailment (as in cardiomyopathy) and psychological conditions (such as psychopathy). Similarly, a pathological condition is one caused by disease, rather than occurring physiologically. A physician practicing pathology is called a pathologist. As a field of general inquiry and research, pathology addresses four components of disease: cause/etiology, mechanisms of development (pathogenesis), structural alterations of cells (morphologic changes), and the consequences of changes (clinical manifestations). In common medical practice, general pathology is mostly concerned with analyzing known clinical abnormalities that are markers or precursors for both infectious and non-infectious disease and is conducted by experts in one of two major specialties, anatomical pathology and clinical pathology. Further divisions in specialty exist on the basis of the involved sample types (comparing, for example, cytopathology, hematopathology, and histopathology), organs (as in renal pathology), and physiological systems (oral pathology), as well as on the basis of the focus of the examination (as with forensic pathology)


List of Faculty Members
Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Aisha Hameed Assistant Professor
Dr. Faiqa Arshad Assistant Professor
Dr.Hafiz Ather Farooq Senior Demosntrator Male
Dr.Umair Rafiq Demonstrator
Dr. Fizza Aslam Demonstrator
Dr. Amun Nadeem Demonstrator
Dr. Hira Batool Demonstrator
Dr. Lubna Omer Demonstrator
Dr. Misbah Yousaf Demonstrator
Dr. Momna Tariq Demonstrator
Dr. Momna Asghar Demonstrator
Dr. Umar Farooq Demonstrator
Waqas Nawaz Stenographer / Computer Operator
Muhammad Imran Laborty Technication
Nasir mahmood Laborty Technication
Sajid Mehmood Laborty Technication
Muhammad Aqeel Ahmad Junior Laborty Technication
Muhammad Yaseen Mughal Junior Laborty Technication
Rana Iftikhar Ahmad Junior Laborty Technication
Rehmana Sehar Junior Laborty Technication
Saiqa Bashir Junior Laborty Technication
Bilal Javed Junior Technician
Imtiaz Ahmed Junior Technication Pathology
Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Junior Technication Pathology
Imran Jaan Junior Technication Pathology
Muhammad Shoaib Junior Technication Pathology
Ghazanfar Ali Junior Technication Pathology
Irshad ul Haq Junior Technication Pathology
Khurram Shahzad Junior Technication Pathology
Muhammad Afzal Junior Technication Pathology
Ikram Rasheed Hostel Servant
Tanveer Ahmed Cleaner
Ali Husnain Naib Qasid
Muhammad Ikram Servant
Muhammad Ahmad Water Carrier
Dr. Zahid Mahmood Akhtar Associate Professor MBBS FCPS
Dr. Yasir Shabbir Senior Demosntrator Male
Prof. dr Uzma Rihan Professor MBBS MPHIL
Prof. Uzma rihan Professor MBBS



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